Communities: Cornerstone of our interventions

"Networks build confidence so women's groups like ours can address any concern, no matter how critical it is." Farida, Jaipur

"It's only after placing our problems collectively before Government officials during the public hearing that things started to change. Now ration shop owners behave properly and we are also getting the proper measure" Sushila Tiwari

Guided by our vision of being a voice for the voiceless and providing those less fortunate with a platform from which they can be heard, CFAR has been working consistently, over the last decade, on issues that affect marginalized and vulnerable communities across eleven states.

Communities have in fact been the corner stone of all our programmes, partnerships and innovations and we have been interacting with a cross section of stakeholders, including government agencies, development institutions, civil society organizations, community based organizations and the media to improve the public discourse on concerns related to vulnerable populations such as women, children, sex workers, IDUs, MSMs, urban poor, transgender and those affected by HIV/AIDS.