Innovations: Creating tools to take issues forward

While implementing various projects and programmes we often had to develop and innovate tools and instruments to enable us to reach out to targeted populations, address their concerns and issues and take forward the goals of the project.

In our Urban Poor Project the innovations include the creation of community spokespersons to take forward the concerns of their communities as part of our urban poor project in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Jaipur. They in turn, set up information kiosks under the banner of Daksha Samuha with CFAR's support, to build awareness among communities and provide information on the various government schemes that are available to them.

In the PCPNDT project, in Rajasthan, we have developed a learning site in Jhunjhunu to transfer our learnings to others working in the areas of HIV and female foeticide. And the novel format of Balika Janmotsava to facilitate the mothers of new born baby girls. Even traditional ceremonies like Godh Bharro are being adapted to reach out to communities on issues concerning the girl child.

Earlier in 2008 we created the Bagalkot Demonstration Project based on the principle of "learning from communities" to enable a cross section of learners to get firsthand knowledge of how to mainstream and integrate a comprehensive HIV programme into the larger district response.