Led by Women’s and Adolescent Forum, World Water Day was Observed in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota

To highlight the importance of storage, conservation and purification of water and its inextricable link with health, the Women’s and Adolescent Forums supported by CFAR reached out to around 600 people through public meetings, street plays and rallies

  Speaking about what the issue means to them, representatives from Women’s Forum and Adolescent Forum said ….

We stand in queues early in the morning for about two hours without knowing whether we will get sufficient water or any water at all. This makes us realize the importance of water conservation” Sunita, Representative, Women’s Forum- Jaipur

The rubber pipe that is used by the tankers for distributing water is not clean and many a times the tankers are not covered at the top. Water from borewell, tubewell is saline and with improper disposal of garbage and practice of open defecation we fear contamination of water. Therefore we must always take precaution before drinking or using the water”- Neelam, Representative, Women’s Forum, Sitaram Nagar- Jaipur

In localities where there is no pucca drainage, waste water goes into soak pits. Every house in Sootmill Colony has a soak pit and the streets not only look clean but it also prevents breeding of mosquitoes. There has been an improvement in the health of our children also”- Anju, Daksha Samooh

We all need to come together in adopting good practices and something like water management and conservation cannot be carried out in isolation by few households; everyone has to work together to ensure it.”- Maya, Dakash Samooah

 “The Women’s Forum submitted several applications to Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and Nagar Nigam to provide us water connection. So far, only 50 percent of the basti has been covered, but the Women’s Forum is determined to stay with this issue till it is solved as it impacts us and our children’s health”- Lila Devi, Representative, Women’s Forum- Jodhpur

 “Along with the Women’s Forum, we are encouraging safe practices such as use of ladle to draw water from the pots and now all of use ladle at home and even urging those who are not to do the same”- Guddi, Representative, Adolescent Forum- Jodhpur

The left over water from washing clothes can be used to clean the floors; water wasted in ROs can be utilized for washing clothes or in the toilet. Small changes can make a difference”- Teena, Representative, Women’s Forum, Anatpura- Kota